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About us

For eight years we have been assisting people to get a job in the oil industry. We specialise in assisting people who are looking at entering the oil industry for the first time, or who are looking to re-enter it after some previous experience.

Over the years we have been in operation, we have assisted thousands of people mostly throughout the UK, but also in many other countries around the world.

If you contact us, you will deal with a specialist based in ORJ Headquarters. Our customer support staff are trained to effectively assist customers, and we work to respond to customer enquiries in the shortest possible timeframe.

We operate a sophisticated Customer Response System that immediately routes enquiries through to the correct team member, so you can be assured of fast, personal assistance.
We pride ourselves on providing honest, upfront recommendations and advice.

Oil Rig Job is not an oil company nor a recruitment agency. We do not own oil rig sites and nor do we place people in jobs. What we do is provide recommendations on the best way to get work in the industry, and we provide an in depth assessment on such issues as the types of roles which may be best suited to you, training you may need to undertake to improve your employment prospects, as well as providing assistance with improving resumes.

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